Hiking GPS Or IPhone?

LaserLyte also provides a one year limited warranty. Performance – This options is the most simplistic and standard red dot laser we have featured in this review. It’s minimally designed and simply gets the job done for you and your Glock. We like that the compact size and weight doesn’t interfere at all with any other part of our Glocks, and it’s easy to holster without knocking around or damaging the laser sight.

That being said, it’s important to keep in mind that this is a cheaper laser(compared to the other products on this list), and it probably won’t last forever – that may be why the warranty is only for a year. However, if your needs are basic, this is a handy little accessory to add to your Glock.

What we say – The LaserLyte Laser is a great option for anyone who has never purchased a laser for their Glock before or they just don’t know what extras they would be interested in. This is the cheapest option within our review, but considering the price you should definitely get your money out of this purchase.

Cheap cost – Very lightweight, no interference – One year warranty- Won’t last foreverViridian Reactor 5 Red Glock Laser SightMaterials – The Viridian Reactor 5 is especially designed for conceal carry pistols, thanks to its particularly small frame. The red laser 635nm wave length, which offers one of the brightest dot legally available to gunowners on the market for precision targeting.

A great bonus is that this laser actually comes with a handy holster “Instant-on” hybrid holster. The holster is made of a glass reinforced nylon shell and comfortable leather. It’s worn OWB. The “Instant-On” holster will automatically activate your Viridian Reactor 5 every time your draw it, and it will turn it off whenever it is reholstered.

This laser has a constant on mode and a pulsating light mode. Performance – No fancy gimmicks, no unnecessary features, this laser does exactly what it needs to do: improve your aim. You will find hybrid features, but if you’re looking for the full effect of a fitness tracker, and the proper power and personal tracking of a GPS hiking watch, it’s recommended to get one of each.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about the personal tracking feature on most of the best GPS watches for hiking, you’ll find that it does track your movements, and in some cases, your heartrate. This is all for a completely different reason.

With a fitness tracker, you want to know how your fitness journey is proceeding. When you’re hiking, you want to think about your personal safety, health, and nourishment. You can’t pull off of your jogging path and dip into Starbucks; you bring limited supplies with you.

When you’re tracking your movements with a GPS hiking watch, it’s primarily for tracking purposes, so you can find your way back to camp, and understand where you are in the world. If it does include intricate features for fitness tracking, bonus, but it still won’t be the same thing as an actual fitness tracker.