It Features A Decent Eye Box

What makes a scope a good choice for long-range shooting? It should have higher magnification than your old 3-9 variable. Magnification ranges from 4x to 20x or 25x are common. Long-distance scopes need a larger objective lens size not only to let in more light for more clarity but also giving the hunter a wider field of view, even at high magnification.

And of course, good-quality class and coatings always help. You should have an eye relief of at least 3. 5 inches, making it easier to get a clean sight picture when dialed in tight. It’ll also keep you from creeping up on your stock and getting your brow gashed by your own scope if you’re shooting some shoulder-thumping round.

The reticle is extremely important. Reticles in the first focal plane change size when magnification is changed. It’s not that big of a deal and allows scope makers to keep costs down and improve other parts of the scope. Many longe-range shooters prefer a reticle on the second focal plane.

This allows the reticle to stay the same size, no matter the magnification. Keep in mind that with a second focal plane reticle you must be at max magnification (or the manufacturer’s set magnification level) to accurately use the reticles measurement marks. A reticle design that helps you figure out the proper hold for elevation and windage is a must for long-range shooting.

There are many different types, using Mil-dots, MOA, BDC, or other systems. They can get confusing, so pick one that you can use easily even when your heart is thumping, and you have a bit of buck fever. Zeiss Conquest V4 6-2450 ZMOA-1 ReticleThis rifle scope is a classic and functional sniper’s optic, capable of being zoomed between 6x and 24x with a 50 mm objective lens.

The reticle is on the second focal plane, and it’s boosted by the presence of six layers of transmission coatings to improve color and resolution across the spectrum. It features a decent eye box, too, which enables you to rapidly acquire your target. Furthermore, the scope is made from aircraft-grade aluminum.

It’s also entirely functional in any kind of weather and features a stealthy matte finish for reduced visibility on the part of your target. Changing between magnification settings is rapid, thanks to the smooth design of the main ring near the eyepiece. Zero-Stop TurretsWe’ll always appreciate optics with zero stop turrets since they offer a critical function for any long-distance sniper.

These allow you to reset your windage and elevation values back to zero if you need to make an adjustment. But the turrets are also great in general, with tactile feedback and great turning precision. Turrets are well made and can zero-stop Good eye relief overall at 3. 5 inches Decent-sized eye box Good matte finish Lens coatings are greatTurrets have to be adjusted with a wrenchFor the most part, this riflescope is an excellent piece of equipment that won’t let you down in any weather.

The lenses, turrets, and weatherproof body all make it a great optic for sniping at any range. 6. Vortex Optics Golden Eagle HD 15-6052 SFPThis long-range optic can go beyond most others on the market, reaching an upper magnification setting of 60x with a 52 mm objective lens.

This will seriously enable you to hit targets that are extremely far away, especially since the scope benefits from high-density lenses that are index-matched and multicoated. This all means that they provide you with high definition images and have antireflective properties, so you enjoy maximum brightness even at the highest magnification setting.

It’s a little heavy overall at 29. 5 ounces, but the body is made from just a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum. The scope comes with extra-fine resolution turrets that allow you to make adjustments of just 0. 125 MOA per click. It’s a precision tool for a precision marksman.

Regardless of coming as a manual device, you will appreciate the convenience of using it on your own. You basically need to set the trap thrower on the ground after which you will stomp its launch mechanism towards the target. Additionally, this is a very flexible device that features large knobs to adjust the tension as per your needs.

1. Champion WheelyBird Auto-Feed TrapView It on Amazon This is an auto-feed launcher that will help to improve the aim of the big competitions. It is a portable and lightweight unit that has been made using high-grade materials that make it very easy to use on the overall.